Barmah National Park closes ahead of Easter

By Spencer Fowler Steen

Parks Victoria has announced the popular holiday destination Barmah National Park has closed until further notice.

As part of the Victorian Government's campaign to keep people safe from COVID-19, Parks Victoria closed additional parks including Barmah ahead of the Easter weekend.

Barmah Island, located at the entrance to Barmah National Park, will be open to local residents for firewood collection.

As directed by the Chief Health Officer, all campsites, camping grounds and caravan parks are also closed until further notice, Parks Victoria said.

People can continue to live on a closed caravan park or camping ground if it is registered as their primary place of residence or if they are staying in caravan parks as interim accommodation where their primary residence is not available.

The government is directing all Victorians to stay at home, including over the Easter weekend, citing only four reasons to leave your house; for food and supplies, exercise, medical care and care giving, and for work and education.