BW Fitness

By Daniel Hughes

BW Fitness is giving women in the Southern Riverina a chance to get fit, make new friends and do it all in a comfortable environment.

Owner Brooke Williams is welcoming all women who want to get fit at her Barooga property, where she has turned half the shed into a stylish and practical gym.

Ms Williams started BW Fitness earlier this month on September 9 and has already captured the inspiration of like-minded women.

“So far I have noticed in my classes that half the time we are laughing!

“I try to think of funny movement cues for women that they can relate to so it is a happy and not-so-serious environment. I am just happy for people to be exercising.

“Which is great for core activation. It means we can knuckle down and get our work done, concentrate on our core and our technique without the fear of judgement.

“It is a team environment where we can all benefit and help each other.

“I thought about renting a commercial property but we were lucky that on the property we are on has a 180m2 shed with a high ceiling.

“So it was a no-brainer to start there and then branch out if need be.”

Ms Williams wanted to bring an all female inclusive gym to the Southern Riverina after previous experiences in the industry left her wanting to provide that for locals after moving to Barooga from Geelong about six years ago.

“I have been instructing classes for 13 years since I was in high school,” she said.

“The reason I started the gym is because when I first moved to Barooga from Geelong I really missed quality and well structured classes along to motivational music.

“I also felt like I needed more of a connection with the instructors. I worked at Fernwood Fitness, a well-known Australian female gym for years and I really felt like this area needed a welcoming, friendly and positive environment where people can go to work on themselves not just physically but mentally as well.

“Instead of complaining about the classes I missed back home, I thought, If I don't do this, who will?

“Who has the experience to bring it to the Riverina? So I closed my eyes and made the jump.

“We live in a beautiful part of the world and we are so lucky to live in small country towns with so much space, we deserve the same standard fitness classes the city has.

“So this is my effort to bring it to women in the area.

BW Fitness is located about eight minutes drive from the Cobram/Barooga bridge at 350 Coldwells Rd.

So far Ms Williams has received nothing but admiration and respect from her clients and is encouraging women to get involved.

“Most of the reviews have said BW fitness makes them feel at home, it is welcoming, non-competitive, supportive and that I am clear and concise with instructions.

“They mentioned that I give modifications when needed if you are unable to do some of the exercises. So people don't feel totally overwhelmed during the class.

“It is a group fitness studio so we just offer classes. However I am open to putting on classes where needed. Having it an all-classes gym is great for people who get so bored on their own, or get mentally drained from having to think up a workout and stay focused.

“Women come to class, leave their stress at the door and I do the rest of the work for them.

“I talk them through each exercise along to motivational music with a focus on technique- I am big on technique as I don't want anyone to get injured.”

To book a class visit www.

Classes start from $15 and 10 packs of classes are available for $100 with memberships starting in 2021.