Distillery joins the global fight

By Adrienne Hartnett

It has been a busy week for Corowa Whisky and Chocolate Factory who early last week, began producing hand sanitiser for locals and businesses across the region. 

Managing director of Corowa Whisky and Chocolate, Dean Druce, saw the opportunity to switch out their renowned whisky for sanitiser in an effort to keep their doors open and staff in a job amid the growing coronavirus situation.  

“Initially, when the coronavirus outbreak began, we told all our casual staff that there would not be any work, which was gut-wrenching. Now we have got at least 20 of our staff members here a day producing sanitiser,” Dean said.

While Dean expected the demand for hand sanitiser to be high, he did not expect to be still making sanitiser as the week progressed. Larger quantities of hand sanitiser sold out quickly as they were distributed to local businesses, chemists and farmers to ensure essential workers could protect themselves.

“We thought we would have stopped making it by now, but we have had to up our quantities, our bottles and all the ingredients because there is still demand from businesses and companies all around the border.”

The initiative shown by Corowa Whisky and Chocolate is an example local Member for Albury, Justin Clancy, hopes other businesses across the electorate will be able to follow.

Much needed medical equipment such as handwash soap, cleaning products, protective clothing and masks are in high demand with traditional suppliers now unable to fill urgent orders to Service NSW.

“The NSW Government is calling on local businesses in the Albury Electorate to convert their production lines to make these products to fill the gap,” Mr Clancy said.

“This is also a great way for businesses who may be seeing a downturn in business due to COVID-19 to adapt and remain strong during these uncertain times.”

Corowa Whisky and Chocolate have worked around the clock to ensure 500 millilitres bottles of hand sanitiser are still available for purchase from their store this week.