Reconciliation recognition for Sacred Heart

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Sacred Heart Primary School recently celebrated National Reconciliation Week in many varied and creative ways. 

The theme this year was ‘grounded in truth, walk together with courage’, which shines a light on stories from our past that have been in the shadows for too long. 

Each class created a story pole to represent their learnings of the first Australians in their classroom. These were displayed around the school during National Reconciliation Week. 

They also commissioned their 2019 FIRE (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Carriers, who are students who make a commitment to help promote education in this area. 

These students also represented their school at the Sandhurst Reconciliation Mass in Wangaratta. Teacher Christine Cussen who leads the program in the school said; “ I am so impressed with the depth of thought, compassion and empathy our students display towards our first Australians, and the students willingness to learn, share and grow by exploring our past history and culture, developing a deeper understanding of our national story.”