Squirrels glide into Kyabram Fauna Park

By Campaspe News

A TRIO of Squirrel Gliders are Kyabram Fauna Park’s newest residents.

Tam, Mel and Val were given to the park by Strathallan Glider Sanctuary.

Kyabram Fauna Park general manager Lachlan Gordon said the Squirrel Gliders were settling in well to their new home next to the environment centre in the park.

‘‘Squirrel Gliders are similar to small possums but have membranes of skin stretching between their front and hind legs that enable them to glide through the air,’’ Mr Gordon said.

‘‘They use this membrane to steer and maintain stability and it’s amazing to see them glide from branch to branch.’’

Mr Gordon said the gliders were enjoying the care and lifestyle within the park.

‘‘They are all very inquisitive with our keepers during feeding time and love exploring their new surroundings,’’ he said.

‘‘Their favourite snacks are sultanas and almonds but they also eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and are particularly enjoying feeding on yellow wattle at the moment.

‘‘Squirrel Gliders are endangered in Victoria and Kyabram Fauna Park has a proud history of conservation programs so we’re hoping to breed the trio too.’’

The main threats facing Squirrel Gliders are the fragmentation of their habitat, loss of trees with suitable hollows for nesting and the loss of food sources.