Town hall gets a Touch of International fashion

By Kyabram Free Press

KYABRAM Town Hall exhibition Touch Of International has been a hit since it opened at the start of April.

Organising committee member Marg Smerdon said there had been plenty of feedback about the exhibition, with people enjoying the vivid displays.

It features 61 garments from 22 countries from right across the world.

‘‘I love clothing that is a little bit different and the idea really just grew from that. I saw it as an opportunity to have a very bright, super visual and stimulating exhibition at the Hall,’’ Marg said.

The exhibition has become somewhat of a community project, with pieces loaned to the exhibition from as far as Shepparton.

‘‘We started with some pieces from Isobel Harvie’s collection. We put a call out in the Free Press for other items and only got one response. But that person told someone else, and they told someone else ... it snowballed. In the end, we had to turn a few people away, we didn’t have any more space,’’ Marg said.

The exhibition finally came together after about two months of planning, organising and preparation. Each garment is accompanied by information about the country of its origin.

‘‘We see lots of countries becoming more and more westernised and losing their unique culture, dress and language. This is a way to really celebrate what is different and learn about one another,’’ Marg said.

The exhibition will run until July 25 and costs $8 for adults and $6 for concession.

The Town Hall is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. Sunday group bookings can be made by calling 58521546.