Axedale Golf Club

By McIvor Times

ON FRIDAY June 7, the Axedale Golf Club held its Federation Bowl event.

A total of 42 players took part, with five teams formed by four distinct clubs vying for the title and visiting players taking part from six clubs, including Belvoir Park, Bendigo, Marong, Neangar Park and Quarry Hill.

Apologies were received from Heathcote, Elmore and Kyneton clubs who were unable to attend. Sponsorship was provided by Wendy Nielsen.


The teams’ event was won by the ladies from Bendigo who scored a total of 78 points. The team comprised: Yvonne O’Neill (21 h/c, 25 pts); Andrea Kelly (19 h/c, 24 pts); Rosie Punton (15 h/c, 29 pts).


In division one of the individual event for handicaps of 0-18, the winner was Joy Kennedy (13 h/c, 40 pts). The runner-up was Jan Walklate (15 h/c, 34 pts) on a count-back from Ruth Iser (12 h/c, 34 pts). In division two for handicaps of 19-28, the winner was Anne Telford (26 h/c, 32 pts). The runner-up was Lyn Lindsay (24 h/c, 30 pts) on a count-back from Janene Webb (22 h/c, 30 pts).

In division three for handicaps of 29-45, the winner was Barbara Collins (39 h/c, 34 pts) on a count-back from Eileen DalSanto (34 h/c, 34 pts). And third place went to Carmel Williams (42 h/c, 32 pts).


The winning tee team was 4A, consisting of Ruth Iser, Alison Woodman and Rosie Punton with 91 pts.


1st hole, 1st shot – open: Kaye Osterfield.

6th hole, 2nd shot – open: Sue Sutton.

12th hole, 1st shot – division one: Jan Conder.

14th hole, 2nd shot – division two: Suzanne Burke.

16th hole, 2nd shot – division three: Barbara Collins.

18th hole, 2nd shot – division one: Joy Kennedy; division two: Bev Robinson; division three: Barbara Collins.

On Saturday June 8, the Axedale Golf Club held its 27-Hole Canadian Foursome Championships, 18-Hole Foursome and a women’s event. 44 men took part in the 27-hole event, while 22 players contended the 18-hole event. 15 women also played on the day which was sponsored by MLC advice. Men’s event – 27-Hole Canadian Foursome Championships – Gold Letter Event-Gross. The winners of this prestigious event were Hayden Nielsen and Stuart McGibbon (112 gross). The runners-up were Fred Kath and David Ivey (113 gross), while third place went to Peter Elvey and Peter Williamson (115 gross).

Men’s event – 27-Hole Canadian Foursome Championships – Nett competition. The winners of the nett competition were Peter Elvey and Peter Williamsom (115 gross, 12 and 3/8 h/c, 102 and 5/8 nett). Runners-up were Fred Kath and David Ivey (113 gross, 10 and 1/8 h/c, 102 and 7/8 nett). Third place went to Daryl Jeffrey and Stephen Jeffrey (129 gross, 24 and 3/4 h/c, 104 and 1/4 nett).

Ball winners: Denis Higgins and Glenn Laity (105 and 1/4); Andrew McDougall and John Neylon (108 and 4/9); Peter Andrew and Russell McGibbon (109 and 3/8).

18-Hole Foursome

The winners of the 18-hole event were Craig Lee and Paul O’Sullivan (81 gross, 15 and 3/8 h/c, 65 and 5/8 nett), from runners-up Ernie Lowndes and Dennis Boden (88 gross, 19 and 1/2 h/c, 68 and 1/2 nett).

Nearest the pins

1st hole: division one: Robin Minne; division two: Rob Smith.

6th hole (open): Paul O’Sullivan.

16th hole super pin (entries): Paul Bowe.

18th hole: division one: Hayden Nielsen; division two: Daryl Jeffrey.

Women’s event

The winner of the women’s event were Carmel Harrison and Maureen Connelly (90 gross, 15 and 3/8 h/c, 74 and 5/8 nett).

Ball winners: Joy Kennedy and Ruth Iser (76 and 3/8 nett).